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Find info about almost anyone. Enter a name, phone number, email, or address!

Advanced People Search: Application description

Advanced People Search provides background checks, reverse phone lookups, reverse address lookups, and email searches in one easy-to-use app.

Download to investigate your neighbors, verify a date’s background, find a phone number’s owner, and more—all at the touch of a button.

With an Advanced People Search subscription, you have unlimited access to:
•  Reverse phone lookups
•  Full name and contact details
•  Email searches
•  Location history
•  Social media profiles
•  And more!

Find Real Information From Public Records
Advanced People Search accesses millions of public records from official government databases and the deep web, which contains difficult-to-find data. All of this information is compiled by TruthFinder, one of the internet’s leading public records search engines.

This is more than just a Google search. Find more information about a person just by searching their name, number, location, or email address!

Advanced People Search Reports May Contain:
First name, last name, and aliases
Date of birth
Possible relatives
Contact information
Social media profiles
Education information
Employment history
And more!

Want to view even more data? For an additional fee, upgrade any Advanced People Search report to a Premium Report to view:

Premium Report Information
•  Criminal records
•  Arrest history
•  Weapon permits
•  Property ownership
•  Traffic violations
•  Vehicle information
•  Professional licenses
•  Mortgages
•  And more!

Why People Use Advanced People Search
People use Advanced People Search every day to answer the most important questions about the people in their life.

Investigate Neighbors
Trying to keep up with the Joneses? See who your neighbors really are. View their names, social media profiles, and criminal history from the comfort of your own home.

Verify Your Date’s Background
Your latest match claims he’s a doctor—but a quick look on Advanced People Search says he dropped out of college. Or maybe your date claims she’s single...but her report includes suspicious aliases from her married name. Double-check your date’s story before you meet in person!

Identify Unknown Callers
Tired of unknown callers? Put a face to that number with a reverse phone lookup, and view extra information they don’t want you to know.

See What People Can Find About You Online
Your online reputation is visible for all the world to see—including your employers. When was the last time you cleaned up your presence online? Are you concerned about your online privacy? An Advanced People Search can reveal everything you need to know!

Avoid Scams & Catfish Attempts
Search for someone’s name, phone number, or email address to verify they are who they say they are—and they’re not hiding any dangerous records.

Don’t miss out on the information available from Advanced People Search. Download it now to access an incredible amount of public records information!
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Version 1.20.32
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Developer TruthFinder
Category Application, Tools
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OS 4.4 and up

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