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The Bosch SmartphoneHub and COBI.Bike app connect your eBike to a digital world.

COBI.Bike: Application description

Staying connected with your life and your friends - smart connectivity means this is also possible while cycling. The Bosch SmartphoneHub and COBI.Bike app connect your eBike to your digital world.

***Important note: this app works only in combination with the Bosch SmartphoneHub and COBI.Bike hardware (for eBikes and conventional bikes) and requires Android 6 or higher.***


The COBI.Bike system connects your bike with your digital world. Our product provides smart features to your bike and intelligent assistance using the smartphone. The result: more safety, comfort and fun on any cycling route.


The dashboard gives you quick access to speed, weather, fitness and performance info in a beautiful interface.


Use the thumb controller to quickly fly through the features – the wheel menu is the smooth interface for your riding experience.


All the control you'd expect, with the simplicity of a thumb controller. Start, stop and pause your tunes with intuitive thumb presses. It works with all your media apps too – from Spotify to podcasts.


Make a quick call by selecting a contact using the thumb controller. You can also answer calls without letting go of the handlebars, which means no more risky phone action while riding.


With Help Connect you enjoy a premium function of the COBI.Bike app for more safety while eBiking. This provides you, as a pedelec rider, with a digital companion that alerts a trained service team in case of an emergency. The smartphone app uses an intelligent algorithm to recognize that the eBiker has fallen, and how bad the accident was.

IMPORTANT: Available for eBikes with SmartphoneHub and COBI.Bike and for German SIM cards only. Please note that the Smartphone must be mounted onto your SmartphoneHub or COBI.Bike.

To use Help Connect with your SmartphoneHub, please update to the latest firmware version. To find out how to update the software on your device, click here:


The system integrates with Bluetooth sensors to display important data like heart rate zone and cadence – directly on the dashboard. You can automatically track your rides with Google Fit, Strava and komoot as well.


Even if you don't look at your phone, the optional voice feedback gives you confidence when navigating through the app, including turn-by-turn navigation commands.


The blazing fast route selection begins with a tap on the home screen. It takes your current bike location into account, which means setting up the perfect route is done in just three steps. You can choose between fastest, shortest and quietest route. Connect your komoot account to extend the best connected biking system with the best tour planning experience.


For optimal bike route guidance the app offers a full-size navigation with turn-by-turn voice feedback – based on OpenStreetMap (OSM). Global offline maps included.


Working with the world's best data providers, you get a minute precise, hyper-local weather forecast for your ride, indicating chances of rain, felt temperature and other important weather conditions.


Complete your and your bike's profile and choose your favourite interface color to customize your ride experience.


The app features are continually evolving. In addition wireless hub firmware-upgrades keep the hardware functions up-to-date.

So that you always have access to the latest features and improvements, we recommend that you update your app, COBI.Bike or SmartphoneHub to the latest software version.

To find out how to update the software on your device, please refer to our FAQ under
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Version 1.9.5
Update 1 day ago
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Developer Robert Bosch GmbH
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OS 6.0 and up

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