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Blue Light Protection , Anti Digital Eye Strain & Relaxation

EyeUse - Blue Light Protector: Application description

This app development is stopped and is no longer maintained.(No support for android 5.0 and above)
Do Your Eyes Feels Tired, Burning Sensation or Itching While Playing Games Or During Night Reading.
Do You Worry About Your Child Eyes Who Spend Too Much Time On Phone.
Trouble With Sleep After Long Time Using Your Phone At Night.

What Is The Reason Behind This Issue ?
Blue Light Is The Cause.

It Is Part Of The Visible Spectrum (ranging from 380 to 550nm) And Deeply Disturbs The Individual Circadian Rhythm. The Blue Light Does So By Inhibiting The Secretion Of Melatonin, A Hormone Vital In The Regulation Of Sleep-Wake Cycles. Besides, Retinal Neurons Are Being Put In Danger. Therefore, A Reduction Of Blue Light Leads Irrefutably To An Improvement Of Sleeping Quality.

So,Eye Use Is One Solution To All Your Eye Problems.

Features :
BLUE LIGHT PROTECTION : By Creating Protection Layer Over Your Smartphone Screen
1) Auto Setting : Different According To Difference Needs.
2) Color Filter : Manual Setting To Adjust Screen Color and Intensity According to Your Needs.
3) Screen Dimmer : Lower Your Screen Brightness Level

ANTI DIGITAL EYE STRAIN : Based On 20-20-20 Rule Prescribed By Doctor To Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

EYE RELAXATION : Based On Eyes Gymnastics Rule Prescribed By Doctor for Eye Relaxation.By Animate And Vitalize The Six Pairs Of Muscles (which Are Responsible For Moving Your Eyeballs).You May Feel Relax and Comfortable and De-Stressed.

FLOATING EYE TOGGLE : For Quick And Fast Access, You Can Use It And Change Different Modes On the Go Without Opening The App While Reading, Playing Games ,Web Surfing.

● Before Installing Other App,Please Turn Off This App To Enable Installation.

Don't Risk The Health Of Your Eyes. Protect You Eyes From Harmful Blue Light By Using Our Eye Use App.

Effects Of Blue Lights Technology

Basics On Circadian Rhythm And The Role Of Melatonin

Digital Eye Strain

20-20-20 Eye Rule

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Version 1.0.20
Update 1 week ago
Size 5.21 MB (5,459,697 bytes)
Developer Trilokia Inc.
Package Name inc.trilokia.eyeuse
OS 4.2 and up

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