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Masterpieces of world literature as an appendix on Android!
Forty five,A.Dyuma

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Masterpieces of world literature as an appendix on your Android!
"Forty five" is the last novel of trilogy of A.Dyuma, where "Queen Margo" and "Countess enter de Monsoro". Events, revived in a novel "Forty five", behave to 1585, when France was broke religious and civil wars and over the French monarchy the real threat of disintegration hung because of nobiliary plots, peasant rebelling and city revolts.In a that period the intensifyed class contradictions resulted in the new bar of sanguinary wars, urgent "war historians three Genrikhov", namely: king of France Henry III, lotaringskogo duke de Giza and Henry Navarrskogo.Fight of Henry Navarrskogo for a throne, doom of king Henry III, which forty five riders-body-guards try to rescue, increasing power of Gizov is the enthralling interlacing of historical events and romantic adventures in the novel of past master of genre Alexandra Dyuma.

By our application you can read a book, as ordinary printing edition, turning over pages. Our books do not require the additional programs. Similarly you will be able to influence the reflection of text in a book under itself. To change the size of font, distance between lines, to choose any color of font or commute the modes - "day", "night".
We will be beholden for a positive review about our book!
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