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Alfred Fritz . ANDROID
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Organize lists and memos in a tree-structure. Work with collapsable nodes.

Outliner: Application description

Organize shopping lists, tasks, todo-lists, ideas and all kinds of memos. Or use Outliner as a project management tool.
Do everything in a tree-structure with collapsable nodes.


* unlimited number of outlines
* collapsable tree-structure
* todo view
* status
* due date
* import (csv, Natara Bonsai, Treepad HJT, Treeline TRLN, OPML, plain text)
* export (csv, Natara Bonsai)
* configurable outfit
* quick edit
* swipe to move activities left or right
* move mode
* drag & drop
* colors
* languages: english, german, french, japanese, spanish, russian, korean

Features PRO version:

* export HTML
* import/export (csv, Natara Bonsai, Treepad HJT, Treeline TRLN, OPML, plain text)
* sync Google Tasks (2 levels)
* sync Natara Bonsai (USB and Dropbox)
* sync Treepad (HJT, USB and Dropbox)
* sync Treeline (TRLN, USB and Dropbox)
* sync OPML (USB and Dropbox) (e.g. OmniOutliner)
* open Outlines with FileManagers or cloud Apps (e.g. BoxCryptor, ownCloud, EDS TrueCrypt)
* automatically finish branch (optional)
* additional view: Show Due, Show #Hashtag
* uncheck finished activities
* delete finished activities
* search
* backup/restore all Outlines to/from SD-card
* launcher shortcuts for Outlines
* themes
* cut/copy/paste subtree (also between Outlines)
* expand/collapse subtree
* sort subtree
* share subtree
* configure default view for activity list
* sharing target for texts
* share Outlines
* notification for due activities
* Sort Order Outline List
* Filter Outline List
* Rich Text (format activity notes)


* Storage: access SD card for import/export/sync/backup
* Contacts: find your Google account for Google Tasks Sync
* Run At Startup: to renew backup schedule when booting
* Network Access: for synchronization (Dropbox, Google Tasks)
* Install Shortcuts: for a launcher shortcut to an outline
* Read Log Information: to send an optional log file to the developer
* Run Foreground Service: nightly backups and due notifications

Even if the official permission for account info is named "Contacts", Outliner does not and is not even able to read your contacts. Outliner just can list the Google Accounts on your device so that you are able to choose one for Google Tasks sync.
If you deny this permission, Outliner works normally but you can't use Google Tasks Sync.

PRO version:

To get the PRO features please install "Outliner Pro Key" from the Google Play store.
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Outliner: Latest Information

Offers Free
Version 2.2.0
Update 10 hours ago
Size 2.16 MB (2,261,981 bytes)
Developer Alfred Fritz
Package Name at.ff.outliner
OS 4.0 and up

Outliner: Other versions

Version Size Update
⚡3.4.0 (2 Variants) ⇣ 3.13 MB 🗓 6 months ago
⚡3.3.2 (1 Variants) ⇣ 3.12 MB 🗓 9 months ago
⚡3.3.1 (1 Variants) ⇣ 3.12 MB 🗓 10 months ago

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