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Educational game where children explore tree-dwelling animals in a fun way.

Pepi Tree Lite: Application description

"Pepi Tree Lite" gives you two levels to play. Get the full version for more!

Pepi Tree Lite is an educational game where children explore tree-dwelling
animals and their habits in a fun way.

The application has an educational background focusing on a tree as an
eco-system or - using simpler words - a home for different animals.
Children get to know many facts about them: what they look like, what
they eat and how they get their food, where exactly they live - in the
branches, on the leaves or under the ground, when they sleep and more.

Encourage your kids playing and getting friends with those lovely tree
inhabitants - a little caterpillar, an owl, a spider, the squirrels, a
hedgehog and a mole. Each of them lives on a separate "floor" of the
tree and represents different tasks to accomplish what makes six
different games.

Key Features:
- 2 different games;
- 2 original music tracks and sounds you'll love;
- More than 20 lovely characters;
- Beautiful illustrations and animations;
- Needs no translation;
- No rules, win or lose situations;
- No third-party advertising;
- No in app purchases;

Recommended ages: 2-7

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Pepi Tree Lite: Latest Information

Offers Free
Version 1.3.0
Update 6 days ago
Size 58.18 MB (61,002,273 bytes)
Developer Pepi Play
Package Name
OS 2.3 and up

Pepi Tree Lite: Other versions

Version Size Update
⚡1.4.4 (2 Variants) ⇣ 54.80 MB 🗓 1 year ago
⚡1.4.1 (1 Variants) ⇣ 54.80 MB 🗓 1 year ago
⚡1.3.1 (2 Variants) ⇣ 58.18 MB 🗓 2 years ago