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Pockieland - Animal Society: Application description

Join the happy animal society! Design your home and create your Pockie!

Get ready for a new life in a fun animal jam where you'll find a cute animal crossing by you everywhere! Create your cute cat, dog or any other animal with hundreds of amazing clothes at the shop. Build the best house in town, interact with super-fun buddies with funny animations!

Ever wondered what animal life is like? Come and see the cutest happy animal jam! They have an amazing story to share with you. Animal care has never been easier and more fun before this awesome animal simulation game! Go to the Fun Center at the pet city and get ready for endless games! Or go to the Town Center and chat with the talking animals! Come and be a part of this dreamy pet society and live the joy of owning and caring for an animal! Whatever you expect from an animal game, you can find in Pockieland!

In Pockieland, everything is up to you. You can create your animal however you like, and then decorate your own one-of-a-kind house! Pick from hundreds of nicely themed decoration items! Pirate room, princess room, cowboy room, space station, magic room, king's room, modern room, vintage room, dojo... You name it, Pockieland has it! You can watch TV in a Roman living room, eat your breakfast in a Sci- Fi themed kitchen and sleep in a Princess bedroom! There're just so many things to choose from! Fill your rooms with specially designed items and expand your room for more stuff! Time to show your imagination and decorating skills!

Take care of your animal by using the items you have. Your animal will eat from the fridge, will use the toilet, and will sleep in a bed! All the item interactions come with the cutest animations! Get ready to be surprised! You can get cool collectibles from each interaction and use them to craft potions,too. Who knows, maybe you can even find a magic pou!

Add new Pockies and interact with them by choosing from tons of different relationship animations. Are you going to be Best Buddies, Soulmates or Worst Foes? You decide! You can prank your enemies, propose to your lover, tell jokes to your friends, and many more!

Unlock celebrities as you progress and build a relationship with them! Interact with them every day to get the daily bonus, visit their houses for inspiration and a chance to use the cool stuff they own!

You can chat with your friends in Pockieland! Tell them about your character, your house, your quests or your day! Pockieland is a great place to find friends and build real friendships!

Choose your dream job! You can be a chef, a scientist, a singer or an athlete. You can be all, if you wish! Work hard, make money, get promotions, earn unique career rewards and reach the top point in your career!

If you’re looking for more ways to have fun, head to the Fun Factory and choose a mini game to play. Mini games are an awesome way to increase your animal’s and your own fun level! Also they give you skill points too. Your pockie can try Cooking, Sports, Music or another skill to improve. As you improve your skills, you’ll get the chance to use more and more new items with unique benefits!

CREATE your own unique virtual animal!
INTERACT with your neighbours and socialize!
CHAT with your friends!
VISIT your neighbours and get inspiration!
IMPROVE your career!
CRAFT potions and keep your needs & energy high!
UNLOCK NEW CONTENT as you level up and improve your animal!
NEW UPDATES regularly added to the game!
And above all else, all of this is FREE!

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Pockieland - Animal Society: Latest Information

Offers Free
Version 1.6.0
Update 5 days ago
Size 93.60 MB (98,143,698 bytes)
Developer GAMEGOS
Category Game, Simulation
Package Name com.gamegos.mobile.Pockieland
OS 4.1 and up

Pockieland - Animal Society: Other versions

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⚡1.6.0 (2 Variants) ⇣ 93.60 MB 🗓 3 years ago
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