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Free fast QR Code® Reader with technologies of DENSO WAVE INC.

QRQR - QR Code® Reader: Application description

The fast no advertisement QR Code® reader app, "Q", upgraded with new app name, "QRQR"!

In addition, "QRQR" has numerous new features other than reading QR Code® fast!

- Login Function
The login function is added from this version.
If you register an account, you can transfer the app data to another devices.
[Caution] You need to backup from the app menu before you transfer the app data.

As same as before, small QR Codes® and detailed QR Codes® which are difficult to read are still easily and fastly readable.
Moreover, the app can read barcodes and Frame QR® which is developed by DENSO WAVE INC.
The app can also create a QR Code® and share on SNS.

*AR function is disabled from version 2.0.

・QR Code® Reader (Reads QR Code®)
・Barcode Reader (Reads barcodes)
・Automatically generate links to product pages of services after reading barcodes.
・Read FrameQR®
・Read QRQR Wi-Fi
・Preview Web sites
・Login and transfer functions
・Display confirmation messages
・Read / delete read history
・Copy read-out contents
・Create QR Code® (generated from the text, URL, contact, and/or a map)
・Compatible with URL Scheme (Direct launching from other apps)
Launch command is "qrqrq://"

New Features
ver 3.0.0
・Change the app name
・Login and transfer function

This app asks information access permission to enable features below.

The permission can be changed on the device settings.
Please change the settings depends on your use.

■Contact information
To create a QR Code® for contact information
(The permission could be disallowed if you do not need the function).

■GPS Information
To create map QR Code® and connect to QRQR W-Fi.
The GPS information is only used inthe device and it is not sent to our servers.

■Access to photos
To read QR Code® inside pictures on the devices.

■Access to cameras
To read QR Code® on the phone

*QR Code®、FrameQR® are registered trademarks of DENSO WAVE INC.
*DENSO WAVE INC. is a subsidiary of Denso Corporation.
*"QRQR" use QR decode engine developed by DENSO WAVE INC.
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QRQR - QR Code® Reader: Latest Information

Offers Free
Version 3.0.6
Update 4 months ago
Size 26.83 MB (28,128,189 bytes)
Developer arara
Package Name com.arara.q
OS 4.4 and up

QRQR - QR Code® Reader: Other versions

Version Size Update
⚡3.0.9 (1 Variants) ⇣ 26.83 MB 🗓 1 year ago
⚡3.0.8 (1 Variants) ⇣ 26.83 MB 🗓 1 year ago
⚡3.0.7 (1 Variants) ⇣ 26.83 MB 🗓 1 year ago