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Protect your sensitive data, audio, videos files on cloud and ensure your safety

Ransomware Protector: Application description

When Ransomware strikes your precious data & it turns it into an encrypted gibberish, paying millions of bucks to retrieve those files is the only choice that remains, a top-notch ransomware protection utility is your best bet to stay safe & secure.
Ransomware Protector protects your data unlike any other app that promises to do the same. Instead of blocking Ransomware from your device. It simply puts your data out of criminals’ reach acting like a ransomware defender on your device.
The premise of ransomware attack is simple, the intruder finds a way to lock your precious data and demands ransom to grant access. So, to surpass the issue it’s better to take a secure cloud backup of all your data, so that you can retrieve everything if any contingency happens.
With all your data securely backed up on the cloud, you can simply ignore the unjust demands, in case your phone gets compromised by Ransomware. All you need to do is just format your device, re-install Ransomware Protector and get all your files back instantly. This anti-ransomware app totally makes your data safe from being used against you by vicious hackers, so you can use your smartphone without fear.

Why Should I Rely on Anti-Ransomware Android Tool?
• Shields data from Ransomware & ensures protection against accidental loss.
• Customized selection for backing up important files.
• Allows you to take backup of all your photos, videos, files, music, & documents.
• Most importantly it also backups your contacts.
• Saves Backed up files in hierarchical manner.
• Create secure cloud backup of multiple devices at one place.
• Search & Restore your important files in a single click.
• Automatically downloads a backed-up file if not found on device.
• Easy reset password option, in case you forget your access passcode.
• Access files marked as important even when offline.
• Mark your important files as ‘Favourites’ and preserve them from being deleted.
• Set phone battery level to prohibit app from taking backup if the battery power falls below specified level. Set to 20% by default.
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