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Shankar Bhumkar . ANDROID
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Smart application for photo operations like compress, convert and resize.

Speed Photo: Application description

Features :
+ Simple interface and easy to use
+ 4 in 1 application
+ Offline process
+ True PNG support
+ Compress, convert and resize the photos
+ Immediately share the compressed photos
+ Faster compress, convert and resize process
+ Supported platforms : armeabi, armeabi-v7a, x86 and mips
+ Compress format support : jpg, png and bmp
+ Convert format support : jpg, png and bmp to jpg, png, bmp and psd
+ Resize format support : jpg, png and bmp
+ Inbuilt photo viewer for views the original and processed photos
+ Inbuilt file explorer with listview and gridview for selecting multiple photo(s)

The main aim of Speed photos is fast sharing photo or upload photos to the internet. You can reduce the file size, convert photos to most usable image formats, and resize the photo dimensions. Native based for powerful and effective converts (high quality) and resize.

True PNG :
Advanced lossy compression for PNG images that preserves full alpha transparency.
The main aim of True PNG is fast sharing photo or upload photos to the internet.
Reduce the maximum file size, without loss of image pixel size.

Any question, suggestion or error in Speed photo, Please mail to :
[email protected]
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Speed Photo: Latest Information

Offers Free
Version 1.1
Update 5 years ago
Size 11.58 MB (12,146,077 bytes)
Developer Shankar Bhumkar
Package Name bhumkar.corp.speedphoto
OS 2.3.3 and up

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⚡1.1 (1 Variants) ⇣ 11.58 MB 🗓 5 years ago