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Stubborn Trojan Killer: Application description

★ Why is Stubborn Trojan Killer a MUST-HAVE app?
If you can’t get rid of a trojan on your mobile device, look no further! Stubborn Trojan Killer is a powerful antivirus app that can get rid of stubborn trojans that can’t be deleted by other common antivirus apps. Stubborn trojans like Ghost Push, Roonik, and Hummer infect the phone ROM and cause great damage to the system, such as downloading viruses without permission, opening your phone data automatically, and so on. With Stubborn Trojan Killer, you can safely delete trojans from the system-level of your phone.

★ Why are stubborn trojans like Ghost Push so dangerous?
Unlike previous trojans, stubborn trojans like Ghost Push are set into the phone ROM system. Once they’re installed, they can install lots of other viruses that are very hard to remove from your phone and do other harmful things, including leak your mobile data, send SMS messages to premium numbers, steal your private information, and even damage your device. They can even deactivate your Android device administrator without your permission, and you won’t be able to uninstall the virus after that.

★ About Stubborn Trojan Killer:
☆ First solution for the Ghost Push trojan.
☆ Scan and delete viruses, especially stubborn trojans, to keep your phone safe.
☆ We will give you immediate online help if you’re not able to delete the trojans by yourself.

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Get Infected with Ghost Push? Don’t worry, here’s the fix!
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★Translation cooperation
Our worldwide translation cooperation: If you have advantages in one language, you can join us to do the worldwide translation toghether for Stubborn Trojan Killer, so as to help more people understand it, use it and remove virus by it. Now we have these languages needs urgent translation: Spanish, Indonisian, German, French, Japanese and Korean, if you did the translation, we will add your name on this page among our help list, thank you!

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Stubborn Trojan Killer: Latest Information

Offers Free
Version 1.0.2
Update 1 week ago
Size 4.53 MB (4,753,881 bytes)
Developer Cheetah Mobile
Category Application, Tools
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OS 4.0 and up

Stubborn Trojan Killer: Other versions

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⚡1.0.2 (91 Variants) ⇣ 2.17 MB 🗓 5 years ago
⚡1.0.1 (8 Variants) ⇣ 802.79 KB 🗓 5 years ago