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Train your brain with classic sudoku number placement puzzle game

Sudoku: Application description

Sudoku is unique puzzle game experience on mobile like real sudoku on paper with pencil :)

Exercise your brain where ever you go with free Sudoku puzzle game now with 4 levels of difficulties easy, medium, hard and very hard.
Each difficulty contains several puzzle packs and each pack contains 30 puzzles now. Total 3600+ brain Sudoku puzzles.

Solve puzzles in Sudoku, Achieve the achievements, check your worldwide rank in leaderboard and compete your friends if they can solve more puzzles then you.

Place numbers 1 through 9 in empty cells. Each row, column and square(3x3) needs to be filled with numbers 1 through 9, without repeating any numbers within the row, column or square(3x3)
When whole sudoku puzzle cells filled with solution without any errors, Puzzle solved!!
Choose your favorite input mode : Number first or cell first to play easy sudoku.

Sudoku game Features:
✓ Daily sudoku challenge. Solve sudoku once per day
✓ Multiple input methods : select cell first & select number first
✓ Multiple Themes
✓ Night/Dark mode
✓ 4 levels of difficulties Easy, medium, hard and very hard.
✓ Auto-save if you leave a sudoku unfinished
✓ Unlimited Undo option
✓ Use Hint where you are stuck in game
✓ Highlighting of a row and column related to the selected cell
✓ Highlighting of Similar numbers in a cell
✓ Automatic error detection of numbers which fail to match final sudoku solution
✓ Control Auto remove notes from settings
✓ Highlight Repeated numbers in each column, row and block
✓ Eraser to get rid from mistakes made
✓ Turn on/off time during game play
✓ Use Pencil to make notes
✓ Play Sudoku offline and online
✓ Reset puzzle at any point
✓ Simple tutorial to learn how to play sudoku
✓ Check how much puzzle you solved and your rank in leaderboard
✓ Check how much total time you spent in sudoku in leaderboard
✓ Achieve different achievements

To access Leaderboard and Achievements, you have to sign in using google plus account.

Available Languages:
English, Portuguese(Brazil), Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Danish, Dutch, Chinese, Greek, Romanian, Turkish, Norwegian, Polish, Russian and Korean

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Sudoku: Latest Information

Offers Free
Version 1.2.3
Update 1 day ago
Size 2.99 MB (3,139,184 bytes)
Developer ScieNext
Category Game, Puzzle
Package Name com.scn.sudokuchamp
OS 4.4 and up

Sudoku: Other versions

Version Size Update
⚡1.0.7 (1 Variants) ⇣ 2.37 MB 🗓 3 years ago
⚡1.0.6 (1 Variants) ⇣ 2.37 MB 🗓 3 years ago
⚡1.0.5 (1 Variants) ⇣ 2.20 MB 🗓 3 years ago