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Location-aware walking tour: guided route, audio stories, offline map, free demo

Wat Arun Bangkok Tour Guide: Application description

Are you ready to turn your phone into a personal tour guide? This app offers a fully-guided experience - just like a local giving you a personalized, turn-by-turn, fully-guided tour.

You’ll find three tours in one app - all highly entertaining, thoroughly researched and prepared by local guides. This app is the only guide for the inside of these palaces.

It’s a book, a guide, a map, and an audio-visual player - all wrapped up in one!

Wat Arun Temple:
Wat Arun temple is the oldest temple in Bangkok. You will learn about the significance of this oldest temple, its god Aruna (sun), central prang, colored porcelain, stupa, seashells, and Mount Meru. This temple housed Emerald Buddha for a short time. Enjoy climbing up on the tall pagoda.

Grand Palace:
Grand Palace is the most visited location in Bangkok. You will learn about the significance of each structure, wall paintings, murals, monarchy history, stories of the Emerald Buddha statue, understanding Buddhism and its connection with the location. With our newly added 3D maps you will never be lost.

Reclining Buddha Palace:
One of the most visited palace. You will see the amazing large reclining statue and learn about the marble illustrations & the inscriptions. The palace has an active school of Thai massage. You can actually book a time and enjoy the message.

This app-based tour has significant benefits over other apps and over live guides:

Easy to use: Download the app on your own phone. Then download the tour(s) you’re interested in taking. Simply follow the GPS map & the routing line. It’s like Google Maps and a tour book combined in one! The tour takes you to every single stop; you won’t miss a thing and won’t get lost.

Automatic: Each point of interest along the tour has a narrated story, narrated directions, and helpful images, gifs or videos. As you walk along the path and approach a location, just click the next button and the next stop’s story will pop up and start playing.

Fascinating stories: Engaging, accurate, and entertaining story about each point of interest. The stories are professionally narrated and prepared by local guides. Most stops also have additional stories that you can optionally choose to hear.

Freedom to travel: No scheduled tour timings, no crowded groups, and no rush to move along past stops that interest you. You have total freedom to skip ahead, linger, and take as many photos as you’d like.

Save a ton: No “per person” tickets for guided tours! No tips per person.

Visualize what you cannot see: Most stops have images, some have animated gifs from different centuries, seasons, or for interior rooms.

Take the story home: Enjoy the tour before, during, and after your visit. Easily create an album or share the images & stories with your friends and family.

What comes with the FREE Demo app:

Tips to plan the trip. Help using the app.

Map with arrows showing the path to walk.

List of all the stops that you will come across on the tour.

Preview: A few fascinating stories with professional narration, stops with images, videos, or gifs, and transcripts if you prefer to read instead of listening.

With the In-App purchase, you’ll get:

All of the above features.

Full access to all the stories.

GPS Automatic Play for the stories.

Take all the stories home.

Award-winning app platform:

This app is created using an award-winning platform. The developers received the famous “Laurel Award” from the Newport Mansions, which uses it for over a million tours per year.

Check out the totally free demo to get an idea of what this tour is all about. If you like it, purchase the tour to get full access to all of the stories.

Quick tips:

Familiarize yourself with the app while at home.

Allow a couple of hours for the tour.

Don’t hesitate to reach out immediately if you face an issue! We are committed to responding as quickly as possible.

What are you waiting for? Just download the app and get started!
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